The UK is the second biggest exporter in the world 

of services.

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How can we exploit this in the new world order?

Kim Hayward, Partner at BDO, welcomes you to

This is the story of a Panel Debate.  But it is more than a story. And it is more than a Panel Debate. It is about the need and practice and cause of selling more services to more foreigners. This is where our nation’s commercial future lies; and, in many ways, this is where our own personal futures lie. Why don’t you email with your great ideas – and, if we agree, we’ll print them on “What people want to know” on this website. In the meantime, we hope you get value out of this website.  It is not planned to be entertaining and/or easy to read; it is aimed more at being a continuous reference work and informative.

This online Panel Discussion – sponsored by BDO – and promoted and organised by Devonshire House on 8.7.20 – was aimed at discovering what this statement means and where the opportunities lie in the hugely uncertain business world now unfolding.  We are grateful to Kim Hayward of BDO for sponsoring this important and timely Event. 

…………………………all the evidence then and now is that companies that export grow faster, are more profitable, employ more people and last longer……………….

Lord Green – 8.7.20


The UK is the second biggest exporter of services in the world.  In 2019, the UK exported £326bn in services (with a surplus of £104bn) and £372bn in goods (with a deficit of £130bn.)  A net deficit seems to be the norm.


Before the Panel Event on 8.7.20, we published a Position Paper – EXPORT OF SERVICES – 8.7.20.  It was clear that a comprehensive guide was necessary to add value to an understanding of the spoken word.  We are grateful to the DIT who provided virtually all of this information. Please note that much of this information related to the latest full year data available at the time of collating it.  This was almost entirely 31.12.19.

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